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For some reason early this morning an email that was passed to spamassassin appears to have caused all of our spamd processes to lock up. Therefore email was not being checked for spam. This means you probably all got way more spam today that normal. Sorry about that. I have never seen spamassassin lock up […]

Lots of updates today

Well, there have been lots of updates here at GAC today. First, this morning we updated our packeteer from 6.2 to 7.0 which gives us some new features and should provide even better packet shaping. Second, we upgraded all the hubs in Pittman to bran new switches. That should improve the networking in that building […]

Wireless Update

Add one more wireless access point on campus to the list. We now have a decent wireless signal inside the Guest House. Now we can actually offer our guests decent wireless internet access. Yay.

Coldfusion MX on Linux

Having trouble getting Coldfusion MX 6.1 started on Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS release 3? Well, then I found the solution. For some reason, some time after everything was all setup and running, Coldfusion refused to start. All I got was an error message in the log files like this: ./coldfusionmx: line 1: 16766 Segmentation […]

Fedora Core 3

A couple of days ago Fedora Core 3 was released. I used Bittorrent to download the DVD iso and the CD iso images. If anyone wants a local copy, let me know and I can point you to it. Now today I have installed my first FC3 system. One interesting aspect of FC3 is SElinux. […]

FireFox 1.0

In case you missed it, Firefox 1.0 was released today. You can get it locally here: For Windows users: For Mac users: For Linux users: If you are unfamiliar with Firefox, see the following links for more information. Basically it is a really nice web browser built from Mozilla.

Wireless Update

In our pursuit to ever increase our wireless coverage on campus, we have added an access point to Confer. Almost all of the 3rd floor of Confer and Vickner is covered well. On the second floor the middle 1/3 of the combined building is well covered. And on the 1st floor the very middle section […]

Email Certificates

I had a couple of requests last night about how to get a certificate for use with email such that you can digitally sign messages and send encrypted email. For the past few years I have been using a free personal email certificate from thawte. For more information take a look at Thawte’s personal email […]

Webmail prefs change

I have made a minor change to the default preferences for Webmail. Now the first time you log into webmail on or after the 1st of a month, you will get a screen that asks you if you want to perform maintenance on your account and then there are check boxes for a few things. […]

Sohre Network

The upgrade of networking hardware in Sohre apparently went smoothly. It took us about 3 hours to swap out the old hardware with the new. As far as I know, no comlaints. However as students come back from break later tonight and tomorrow, we’ll see how things go. Hopefully everyone will notice a better/faster network.