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Network slowness

From Jeff’s email: “Around 11:15-11:30 something happened that crippled the res-hall network to the point of unusability. We made a change to revert something to the way it was around four months ago and that seems to have solved the problem. Our two outstanding questions are, did that fix it? and if so, Why was […]

Latest email virus

As everyone should know by now, another email virus is going around. As far as we can tell, nobody on campus has been infected yet. Our mailserver is deleting a lot of attachments that are infected with this virus and anything that made it through should also be caught by the latest virus definitions. However […]

SpamAssassin update

I made a few updates to SpamAssassin this morning. First I upgraded from version 2.61 to 2.63 which included a few bug fixes and some minor changes to the rules. Second, I enabled real time block list and DCC checking. That means SpamAssassin will query servers on the net to see if email matches a […]

ITMS and Packeteer problem

Yesterday we added a few plugins to our Packeteer that helps prioritize our internet usage. one of those plugins was called Apple iTunes 1.0.0. After installing this plugin I noticed that the iTunes Music Store became extremely slow and mostly unusable. One workaround was to set my system to use our proxy server. While it […]

Spamassassin 2.62

Spamassassin version 2.62 was just released. I am testing it on my mail account and if all goes well, I will upgrade the spamd server to 2.62 as well. Summary of major changes since 2.61 ———————————– – Fixed two bugs related to Received line generation and parsing. – Modified two rules to reduce false positives. […]

Dell Fixed It!

So I guess maybe Dell was listening to my recent post about their DNS problem It looks like that address now resolves to a different IP address that actually responds. Thanks Dell, but it took long enough 🙂

Internet Downtime

It looks like our internet connection was overwhelemed with traffic last night for a few hours. From about 8:00pm-12:00am. We are not really sure what happened beyond that it looks like a lot of traffic came from Sorensen and headed off campus and saturating our connection. We have put in place some countermeasures so this […]

Dell computers causing a mess

It looks like there are a lot of people on campus that have dell computers with the Dell Alert software running on them. Each of those computers is trying to contact a.k.a. a.k.a. That by its self is not a problem. The problem is that the dell server is not responding to […]