Archive for February, 2004


It appears as though some machine(s) on campus is trying to take out an IRCd server. There are literally thousands of spoofed TCP SYN packets heading for a specific machine each second. The packets are pretending to be coming from what appears to be random IP addresses not on our network. So tracing this back […]

Email downtime

Due to an unusual set of circumstances, we had to turn off email for about an hour today. A combination of a new email virus/worm, disk space, and email lists, and mail scanning, all combined with some bad luck and we ended up allowing almost everyone on campus to recieve the latest Windows email virus/worm […]

No more MyDoom messages

Since there is such a high volume of the MyDoom infected email attachments flying around these days and some unlucky people have been getting hundreds of the email messages saying that we removed the attachment, we have now stopped sending those notifications for MyDoom. So if you are sent an email that is infected with […]

iChat AV 2.1

Finally! The new version of iChat AV finally supports video conferences with PC users that download the latest version of AOL’s IM client. So much for our internet connection 🙂

Power Problems

This morning during a regular check of the backup generator, power was lost in our machine room. For the most part this meant everything was down for about 20 minutes starting near 8:30am. Everything should have been up and running as normal by 9:00am.

Wireless in Olin

As a part of testing what we can do with wireless network access, we have placed 2 wireless access points on the 1st floor of Olin. These 2 access points appear to provide the first floor with fairly good coverage. This includes the class room on the 1st floor, the lobby, and the lab. I […]