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AOL rejecting our email

Last week it appears that AOL put us on their blacklist. That means that any email sent from Gustavus via our default mail server was being rejected by AOL. The reason they are rejecting us is because a number of student machines have been sending out spam. Most likely these machines were infected with one […]

Norelius Back Online

Sunday evening something happened in Norelius that pretty much brought down the entire network. We are not sure exactly what it was. It was still causing problems around 7:30am this morning but by 8:00am whatever was causing the problem has disappeared.

Email Performance

Most of you at GAC have probably noticed that this week email has gotten particularly slow. There appears to be a few reasons for this. The biggest reason is that people are collecting more and more email in their inboxes these days. If you feel that your email performance is slow, the best thing you […]


In an effort to help protect our self from joe jobs, spam, viruses, etc. we have begun publishing SPF TXT records in our DNS for and If you want to know more about SPF, take a look at