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Finally upgraded to SpamAssin 3

Well, after about a week of testing SpamAssassin 3.0, I decided I was ready to transition the college to the lastest version. In the past week I have been very happy with the way the new version is working. My only complaint is that they reduced the score for BAYES_99 to 1.9 instead of the […]

Spamassassin 3

I am very excited to see that spamassassin 3 was released today. So far I have it installed on a test system and am having my email filtered through it. So far so good. Its only been filtering for 2 hours now, but it has already done a perfect job determining what is spam and […]


As anyone who has used lately knows, it has been slow. Especially during peak usage times (10:00am-10:30am). I think that I have found the reason things were running so slowly. The database that holds user preferences was slowing everything down. The webmail software (Horde) was making too may queries, and more importantly, too many […]

More about viruses

If you are wondering what happened to our network last week, here is a very good article from another college/university about an almost identical infection.


Sorry, wish I could update everyone but I am too busy and tired right now. As you probably know, a good sized virus outbreak occured on campus starting at about 7:20pm Monday night. Ok, back to work….


Outdoor wireless coverage on campus should have increased significantly yesterday with the addition of another high powered wireless access point on the roof of Pittman Hall. That increases the number of these units to 3. One on Norelius, one on International, and one on Pittman. Now you can probably stroll all the way down hello […]