Archive for October, 2004

Webmail prefs change

I have made a minor change to the default preferences for Webmail. Now the first time you log into webmail on or after the 1st of a month, you will get a screen that asks you if you want to perform maintenance on your account and then there are check boxes for a few things. […]

Sohre Network

The upgrade of networking hardware in Sohre apparently went smoothly. It took us about 3 hours to swap out the old hardware with the new. As far as I know, no comlaints. However as students come back from break later tonight and tomorrow, we’ll see how things go. Hopefully everyone will notice a better/faster network.

Network upgrade for Sohre planned

If all goes well, we are planning on swapping out the very old 10 megabit hubs that connect all the dorm rooms together in Sohre Hall. We will replace them with nice new 10/100 switches that have gigabit uplink ports. We also plan on upgrading the dorms 100 megabit connection to a gigabit connection at […]

IRC Bots

There are more and more machines on campus infected by “IRC bots” every day. In an effort to stop them we began blocking all IRC traffic on the default IRC port of 6667 back in January. That has worked quite well, however the bots are getting smarter and using many other ports. In an effort […]