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For some reason early this morning an email that was passed to spamassassin appears to have caused all of our spamd processes to lock up. Therefore email was not being checked for spam. This means you probably all got way more spam today that normal. Sorry about that. I have never seen spamassassin lock up […]

Lots of updates today

Well, there have been lots of updates here at GAC today. First, this morning we updated our packeteer from 6.2 to 7.0 which gives us some new features and should provide even better packet shaping. Second, we upgraded all the hubs in Pittman to bran new switches. That should improve the networking in that building […]

Wireless Update

Add one more wireless access point on campus to the list. We now have a decent wireless signal inside the Guest House. Now we can actually offer our guests decent wireless internet access. Yay.