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Res Hall Traffic

Something strange happened on our res-hall network again this morning. At about 7:00am this morning there was a ton of broadcast traffic. Something like 50k or 60k of traffic where we normally see about 5k-10k. Another symptom was that all of the switches in the dorms were seeing really high cpu usage. Especially the slower […]

Spamassassin server died

One of our two spamassassin servers stopped working Saturday at about 9:00am and was not fixed until 8:00am Sunday morning. During that time about half of all email being sent to spamassassin was not being checked and was just delivered instead. So you probably saw a big rise in spam in the past 24 hours. […]

Internet Bandwith Increase

As of about 6:00pm tonight, our internet bandwith has doubled from 10M to 20M. It’s probably maxed out by the time I finish typing this, but oh well. Was good while it lasted 🙂

Solen rebooted

In case you noticed everything screetching to a halt tonight around 7pm, solen had a kernel panic and had to be rebooted. About 20 minutes later, it was back up and running again.

Norelius and Complex at a gig too

Norelius and Complex (North, Gibbs, and Sorensen) also just had their collective network connection to Olin increased from 100Mbit to 1000Gbit. File transfers and possibly on campus gaming should improve as a result. Unfortunately that does not mean the internet will be any faster. Though we did finally sign a contract that should double our […]

International Building now at a gig

The network connection for the International center bas been bumped up from 100Mbit/s to 1000Mbit/s as of about 11:30am this morning. Hope that makes some things a little bit faster.

SpamAssassin and Horde’s IMP

Unfortunately due to the way that Horde’s IMP webmail system inserts the IP address that was used to connect to the it in the email headers it sends, SpamAssassin thinks those messages are coming from dynamic ip addresses. To help work around this issue, I modified our SpamAssassin rules such that any email sent via […]

Horde Imp and Spamassassin

Unfortunately it looks like Horde’s Imp webmail system and SpamAssassin don’t agree on how to deal with dynamic ip addresses sending email. If you connect to a webmail system running running Imp and send a message using your home web browser on a cable modem connection, that ip address gets loged in the headers of […]

Gibbs, Sorensen, North

Gibbs, Sorensen, and North were down for about 3 hours from 5:15pm to 8:15pm due to a strange network problem. Some device in one of those dorms caused almost all of our network traffic on the res hall subnet to be very slow.