Archive for March, 2005

Webserver downtime

Our mail website was not functioning for a few minutes this morning because it could not contact its database backend. Turns out a loose network cable was the culprit. Guess that is just one more reason why we are rebuilding the server room this summer and cleaning it up a bit.

Firefox and Thunderbird updates

As some of you probably already know, there are new updates to Firefox (web browser) and Thunderbird (email client) that fix serious security issues. I encourage anyone using a version older than 1.0.2 to upgrade. Firefox version 1.0.2 can be found here: Thunderbird version 1.0.2 can be found here: Hopefully they are cached […]

Pat Francek Leaving GAC

Well, yesterday morning I got the official word that Pat was leaving Gustavus to pursue another position up in the cities. I wish him best of luck and that he will definately be missed here. I worked for him a number of years ago, and it was always fun. I also believe that without him […]

Secondary Mailserver Changes

I just wanted to let everyone know that we are putting a new email server into place as a secondary to solen. This new email server has been configured to better combat spam by enforcing mailservers to adhere to the email standards more strictly. It will also pass all the email through an email scanner […]

Webalizer spam

This is probably something others have already noticed years ago, but I just came across it this week. For a year or so now we have been keeping statistics on some of our web servers by using the popular Webalizer software. You can usually view a sites stats by adding /usage at the end of […]

Wireless in Lund

In preperation for tonights game, we have added a wireless access point to Lund. It is a nice, strong, wireless device that should cover a rather large area pretty well. If anyone uses it, I’d like to hear about your experiences. It is a little bit of an unusual setup for us because it is […]