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Secondary DNS servers and subdomains

Here at Gustavus we have a lot of subdomains. For example my computer is A little while ago we noticed that our secondary / slave DNS provider could not resolve DNS for any host in any of our subdomains. As it turns out, the solution was to add a couple of lines to our […]

New Homepage Server

We have switched over to a new faster server so that at some point in the future we can offer PHP and MySQL to everyone. But for now, if you notice any odd behavior with, please let us know.


Just reading the usual blogs tonight and just had to say I agree with what this one says: Unfortunately email is no where near as reliable as we would like. Even people who know better loose email due to virus filters and the like. In fact, it even happened here this past weekend 🙂

Bye Bye Solen

This morning at about 7:45am, we pulled the network connection from and turned on a different server with that IP address. The new server then listens for requests going to solen’s IP address and redirects the services Solen used to perform to their appropriate location. We will be monitoring who is connecting to this […]

Spamassassin Changes

It appears as though our current spamassassin setup is adding a significant amount of load on our home directories. As a result I am looking into ways to keep spamassassins current effectiveness while reducing the load it places on the disk drives of the home directories. Over the next few days I will be making […]

Lots of students

As you probably already know, Gustavus accepted a few too many students this year. That means more students, staff, and facutly than usual. Which for us means more email, more internet usage, and more network traffic in general. At the last minute they had to convert many open spaces in to new dorm rooms. That […]

Postifx and LDAP issues

Apparently when our LDAP servers are under a bit of load such as when we do a batch update of info and the indexing is slowing things down, our postfix mailserver rejects email saying “status=bounced (unknown user: “username”)”. Which sucks because the person who sent the email will get that bounce message back. In an […]