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Wireless update for International

We added a couple more wireless access points to International yesterday to give the East side of that building better coverage.

Wireless in Complex

Last Friday, Ethan, Alison, and I finished up installing a grand total of 12 new wireless access points in Complex.  Now North, Gibbs, and Sorensen all should have decent wireless internet access.

Southwest Hall Wireless

Wireless is now in place in Southwest hall.  Yesterday Ethan, Joel, and I finished installing a total of 14 802.11g wireless access points, about 2 per floor per wing.  Initial testing shows that there is now good wireless coverage in most if not all of the dorm.  I was able to take my WIFI VOIP […]

Wire for Wireless

We just finished pulling more wire to places in Southwest hall where we are planning on putting wireless access points.  There will be 14 access points in all which will hopefully cover the entire dorm in a nice coating of 802.11g.

SpamAssassin Upgrade Again

Well, it was bound to happen.  Since I just recently finished upgrading SpamAssassin to version 3.1.2, they released 3.1.3 to fix a security hole.  So, SpamAssassin has been upgraded once again.  Here’s hopeing that this version is a good one.

Spamassassin Upgrade

This morning I upgraded our version of Spamassassin from 3.1.1 to 3.1.2.  No major changes with this release that I can see.  I also ran sa-update to get the most recent patterns and stuff.  Hopefully this will help it catch even more of those stock spams we are seeing these days.