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Even easier way to call your room for free

This week it got even easier to have your friends and family call your dorm room phone number for free. Just last week I mentioned how easy it was to call Gustavus phone numbers from any internet connection in the world by using a SIP based VoIP phone. Well, the company that gives away the […]

Call your room phone for free

Gustavus has now joined the likes of MIT, Harvard, Yale, and many others in having campus phones reachable simply by dialing a users email address. The inspiration for this comes from the Internet2 working group. The end result is that you can now tell your family and friends that they can call your room […]

Webmail Issues Tonight

A little before 11:00pm tonight, one of our webmail systems started to have a problem. The other webmail server unfortunately was unable to handle the load all by its self and started to die as well. At around 11:30pm both webmail servers were back up and operational again.

Network Upgrades

Over the past couple of weeks, we have made some improvements to the campus computer network. The most noticeable of these will be for the residents of Pittman. Four more Wi-Fi access points were installed to help improve the wireless coverage in that dorm. Less noticeable changes were made to the wired network in Complex. […]

Snow, in time-lapse

Just for fun, I put together a little time-lapse video of the recent snow storm as seen by our Stadium Webcam. If there are other days you think would make a good time-lapse video, please let me know.