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Where does our mail come from?

According to our mail server logs, not surprisingly, almost exactly half of the mail Gustavus mail users receive is from other people at Gustavus. What may surprise some is that Facebook accounts for about 34% of the mail we receive. Here’s a graph from yesterday, which is pretty typical for a weekday. By gathering and […]

Campus Electricity Usage

Have you ever wondered how much electricity the buildings on campus use every day? Well, so have people like Warren Wunderlich, Jeff Jeremiason, Chuck Niederriter, Mike Kasmarik and many more. Thanks to their efforts, we now know how much electricity most of the buildings on campus use every hour. Ethan and I take that data, […]

Internet Bandwidth Increase

As many of you are very aware, our current internet bandwidth is not quite adequate to meet all of our demands at certain times of the day. Especially late afternoon on weekdays and Sunday nights. Fortunately we were able to come to an agreement with our Internet Service Provider ( HickoryTech ) to increase our […]