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TPT HD added to GusTV

Twin Cities Public Television’s High Definition channel is now available on GusTV. This station is the only over the air station in the area that broadcasts shows recorded in HDTV format 24/7.

Commencement 2007 in time lapse

To get a good sense of just how much work goes into setting up for commencement, have a look at our most recent time lapse video of commencement day, Sunday May 27th, 2007. If that does not work for you, try the version. Or if you would like to see the entire weekend including […]

New Webmail Beta!

Almost all Gustavus students seem to use webmail as their primary e-mail client. We have, therefore, made finding a new better webmail client a very high priority. Our goal was to find a webmail program which was easier and more efficient to use — something we could envision using as our only e-mail client. We […]

May 14th added to Perry time lapse video

I have updated the time lapse videos to include images from May 15. In the latest video you can see that Perry is slowly shrinking and now the spadex is really showing the signs of all the hard work it did over the weekend. I assume that it will not be too long before it […]

Corpse Flower Time Lapse – May 12th and 13th.

Here are the latest time lapse videos of Perry blooming on May 12th and beginning to fade on May 13th. Camera 1, also on youtube Camera 2, also on youtube Camera 3, also on youtube If anyone is interested in full resolution ( 1280×1024 ) less compressed time lapse video, let me know or feel […]

Time lapse of corpse flower blooming

A quick update on Perry the Titan. I have a new time lapse video of the images taken today. Camera 1 also available on youtube. Camera 2 also available on youtube. Camera 3 also available on youtube. Click on the thumbnails above to view thermal images of Perry.

Perry, the Gustavus Corpse Flower is Blooming

Earlier this afternoon Perry, the Gustavus Adolphus College Corpse Flower began blooming. If you really want to get a good whiff of it you should try to come by sometime in the next 24 hours. If you can’t make it in person, you can watch the live video. So far our web server is handling […]

Thursday Updates on Perry the Gustavus Corpse Flower

One of the good indications that Perry is getting really close to blooming is that on Wednesday at 1:00pm the bracts fell off. By looking at other Titan Arums it seems like the bracts fall about 2 or 3 days before it blooms. If you are interested, we happened to catch the event with our […]

Perry, now with sound

Earlier today we turned on the microphones on all of the cameras in the greenhouse. So if you are on campus and tune in to channel 7, you can hear what is being said in the greenhouse. Also for those of you lucky enough to be on our wired computer network, you can view live […]

For all you Perry addicts

Since it appears that Perry is now an addiction for some, I thought I would give those addicts a little something extra to look at. I am working on a new page that displays a variety of recent photos of Perry the Titan. The page is filled with thumbnails from all three cameras taken from […]