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Firefox Update

From reading the SANS Internet Storm Center Diary, I noticed that Mozilla has relased a new update to Firefox to patch some security holes.  At the moment Mozilla does not have any good info about what security holes are patched with this update.  Hopefully they are not too critical. I suggest everyone running Firefox 1.5.x […]

Email issues

For some reason over the weekend a bunch of IMAP and POP3 processes got stuck and made it such that those users could not modify their inbox.  I didn’t have a good way to figure out who those users were so I killed all IMAP connections.  Therefore this morning a bunch of people will probably […]

WINS Server Change

Our old WINS server (phoebe.gac.edu) was just not doing the job right these days. In an attempt to improve windows networking on campus this morning we switched to a new WINS server (wins.gac.edu). Our new setup also includes a WINS proxy to help all of our subnets talk to the WINS server in as efficient […]

Email and Home Directory Downtime

At about 2:20pm our cluster died.  It was back up and running by 2:30pm. One of our cluster computers died, taking email and home directories down with it.  We discovered an issue which was causing the other half of the cluster to pause and not respond to email and home directory requests.  That problem should […]

Firefox 1.5 and Javascript

Not sure if anyone else has noticed this or not, but there are a few websites out there that cause my cpu usage to max out. I first noticed it shortly after installing Firefox 1.5 and visiting any oreillynet.com website. It appears as thought it is caused by something in the sites javascript because disabling […]

Greylisting Effective Against WMF

So far so good on the WMF vulnerability. I have not yet seen any evidence of any computer on campus being infected via this route. One thing I just noticed this morning after reading the F-Secure Blog and searching our logs for robert@yale.edu, is that our greylisting software is working to combat this particular message. […]

WMF Vulnerability

As everyone should know by now, there is a major security threat out there exploiting the WMF vulnerability. For now we are trying to watch the situation closely, and get the appropriate info out there to those who need it. As a precaution, based on info from http://isc.sans.org/diary.php we are blocking the following networks at […]

Heartbeat on Fedora Core 4

Here are the steps I took to get heartbeat ( from linux-ha ) to run on Fedora Core 4 (fc4). It is by no means a clean install, but it appears to work for us at the moment. First download the RPM’s from http://www.ultramonkey.org/download/heartbeat/. I am using version 2.0.2 today. Then I installed curl to […]

Secondary DNS servers and subdomains

Here at Gustavus we have a lot of subdomains. For example my computer is oachs.it.gac.edu. A little while ago we noticed that our secondary / slave DNS provider could not resolve DNS for any host in any of our subdomains. As it turns out, the solution was to add a couple of lines to our […]

New Homepage Server

We have switched homepages.gac.edu over to a new faster server so that at some point in the future we can offer PHP and MySQL to everyone. But for now, if you notice any odd behavior with homepages.gac.edu, please let us know.