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Proxy Server(s)

We have installed a nice new proxy server. We are currently running with both proxy servers is a round robin DNS configuration for the time being to see how well it works. The new proxy server is a dual AMD 2400 with 2GB of RAM and 2 90GB caches. Also the new proxy server has […]


It seems like those pesky spammers are still at it, using infected windows machines to send spam via our mailservers. One machine tried to relay about 180,000 messages via our secondary mail server. That caused lots of email slowdowns that we are still trying to recover from. Ugh.

Internet outage

Not sure what happened yet, but something went wrong and we coulden’t really contact the outside world around 9:45am today. Hopefully we will learn more about that so it won’t happen again. UPDATE: Turns out hickorytech had a router failure today that caused the outage.

Proxy server

We have added more memory and disk space to our proxy server in the hopes that it will help at least a little bit with our ever increasing demand on our internet connection. It appears to have cached more than 8GB since Saturday. Hopefully saving us a few gigs of internet traffic.

Not a good day

Well, as most of you probably noticed, solen was down today for close to an hour. That meant that email and home directories were out of commission during that time. Also from about 5:15pm to 8:00pm draco was down. Draco’s most noticeble service is running spamd which checks incoming email to see if it is […]

iChat AV

We have adjusted the firewall to allow iChatAV to create audio and video conferences. I was able to successfully get connected to my machine at home from my machine in the office via an audio chat. How well it works will depend on network conditions, but I know it should at least get connected ok. […]


In case you have not noticed, any account that has been over quota for 10 or more days will be disabled today. If your account gets disabled then its time to contact the helpline.


A message from Jeff: I restarted the script that will kill all imapd processes around 3:40 in the morning. This is to get around some problem that appears to be mainly related to an interaction between eudora and our imap server causing processes to hang. It sounds like the users may also need to be […]

Slow Email

Email is experiencing a long delay right now. Not sure what it is, but we are looking into it. Probably spam related 🙂 Update: Everything seemed better by about 3:00pm. We think a machine sending spam backed everything up.

GAC Wireless

Joel has brought some more wireless access points online in the Library today. So it looks like we have a grand totoal of 6 wireless access points in the library now. Hopefully that means you can get a good wireless signal anywhere in the library.