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Gentoo Mirror

It appears as though there are a few Gentoo Linux users on campus. This is a great thing but one issue that they faced was getting updated files for emerge via rsync. Since our network connection is basically maxed out most of the day, I set up a local mirror of the files that is […]


Lots of people have noticed that for some reason or another AOL IM here on campus has not been working very well lately. Well, that also means iChat was not working very well for me. So I tried to dig into the problem a little further and after making some slight adjustments to our traffic […]


There are a lot of ways you can improve SpamAssassin. One of the best things you can do is to train it. That way it will learn what is spam for you and what is not. To train SpamAssassin, you first need to ssh (or telnet ) to a machine with SpamAssassin on it. Either […]

Graphs Graphs, and More Graphs

I found some great free software to help the IT staff monitor various switches and machines on our network. The software I set up is called cacti. It is similar to the good old MRTG but has a great web interface for creating lots and lots of graphs. If you would like to take a […]


We started checking users quotas again this week. If you are a student with a home directory larger than 40MB or Faculty member with more than 80MB, you probably got an email about it recently. If you feel you need more space than the default quota allows, please email and explain.

Spamassassin upgraded

It appears as though the upgrade to the latest version of Spamassassin has been completed. Everyone who is using it should hopefully see a huge improvement in spam filtering. If anyone notices any problems, please let me know.


If all goes well, on Monday morning we should be upgrading all Spamassassin users to the latest and greatest version, 2.60. The IT staff has been testing it out for a week or two now with great success. Hopefully everyone else will benefit as much as we have. I hope to have time to put […]


Well, here are my plans. I would like this page to become a daily or weekly web log where I post information about what is going on here in the Info Tech department at Gustavus. Hopefully this isn’t just another page that gets stale after the first or second post. So if you are reading […]