Archive for May, 2004

Email Delay

At around 11:00pm last night our mailserver stopped delivering email. It was still accepting messages and storing them to be delivered later. I restarted that process this morning just before 8:00am and now it is trying to catch up and deliver the more than 16,000 messages it has waiting. So if anyone is wondering why […]


To help address everyones need to have access to their data wherever they are, we have begun playing with a different webmail (and much more) application called Horde ( Some of you may already have heard of it or have used it elsewhere. The webmail piece, called IMP, is a really nice web interface to […]

AOL email

Last week we had some issues with AOL rejecting email from our mailserver due to us allowing too many spam messages to be sent from student computers. On Tuesday we were able to get on AOL’s whitelist. Here is what their email says: Work has been completed on your Whitelist request and should become effective […]

Faster Email

The performance of our email server has been anything but great the past few weeks. To help speed things up we ordered some nice new 15000 RPM disks a few weeks ago. Well, we finally got them and were able to install them today. Initial results look promising. Hopefully email performance will be great from […]