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To help address everyones need to have access to their data wherever they are, we have begun playing with a different webmail (and much more) application called Horde (horde.org). Some of you may already have heard of it or have used it elsewhere. The webmail piece, called IMP, is a really nice web interface to your email. Another very interesting piece is called Gollem. Gollem gives you web access to the files stored in your home directory on Solen. So, what IMP does for email, Gollem does for remote file access. One other fun thing to try is MIMP. MIMP gives you a very simplified interface to your email and was designed to be used via a cell phone or PDA.

If you would like to give these web interfaces a try, here are some links:

Here is a link to the main page:

Here is a link directly to the home directory access portion:

And if you have a cell phone with web access, give mimp a try. It allows you a minimalistic look at your email:

If you have any questions, please let me know.


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