Wireless Changes

Posted on August 5th, 2004 by

For those of you who regularly use a wireless laptop or some other wireless device on campus, you may have noticed that we have lots of different wireless networks. In an effort to help wireless users roam about the campus from one access point to another, we have begun an effort to configure all the access points to broadcast an SSID of GACwireless. What happened to “gustavus wireless” you say? Well, we have these really nice new outdoor wireless access points (made by Tropos Networks) on Norelius and International that have a great signal however their software does not allow SSID’s that are over 15 characters long or ones that include spaces. So, to meet the requirements of this new hardware we must change all the other accesspoints. Argh.

As you roam around campus in the next few weeks, you will find the wireless coverage increasing all the time and hopefully roaming from spot to spot will work flawlessly for you. Areas that are not covered very well today, should be covered better in the near future. Especially the area near Pittman as we plan to install another powerfull outdoor access point on the roof of that building in the next week or two. Our hope is that this will give a good signal down hello walk, the south mall, and the southern/western part of the ring road.


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