Issue with iCal and Tiger

Posted on May 2nd, 2005 by

Over the weekend I upgraded my PowerBook from OS 10.3 to OS 10.4 Tiger. One of the problems I have noticed is that I could no longer publish my calendars. The way I had is set up in 10.3 was a hack to the .plist file so that I can use https for a secure connection thus my password was not sent in the clear. So, it looks like they fixed that problem and now it is possible to publish and subscribe to calendars over https without the hack.

However, I did still run into a problem. The server I am publishing to has a self signed certificate. iCal does not like the self signed certificate and just tosses up an error message about the servers name not matching the certificate or something like that. To work around that probem I visited the site with Safari, looked at the details of the certificate, checked the box to remember that I want to trust this certificate, changed all the other trust things at the bottom of the screen. Then when I revisit the webite it no longer bugs me about the certificate. Next I restarted iCal, and now I can publish my calendar again. Yay!


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