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Southwest Hall Kills Wireless

Not sure what it is yet, but something about the construction of the new Southwest Hall causes the building to totally block all Wi-Fi signals. Ethan and I were over there today to check it out for our self. We went up to the top floor where we could easily see the powerfull tropos wireless […]

Spamassassin Upgrade

Due to security concerns, I upgraded our spamassin servers to the latest version 3.0.4 today. Hopefully that won’t cause any problems. Although spamassin’s role has greatly deminished lately since most spam has been filtered out by postifx before it ever even makes it to spamassin anyway.

Wireless Update

Wireless coverage on campus got a boost today as we upgraded the wireless access point on the roof of Rundstrom. It used to have an old Orinoco wireless card attached to a directional antenna. Now we have installed a new high powered Tropos access point like the ones on International , Pittman, and Norelius. The […]


Wow, got a nice little surprise from my home ISP today. Apparently Hickorytech has bumped up their speeds by 300% and kept their prices the same. So I was getting 2Mb down and 384k up. Now they say I am getting 6Mb down and 864k up. Cool. So far all the speed tests show it […]

South West Hall Network

Today Ethan and I got started on installing the network hardware in South West Hall. The new building will have a nice 10/100 MBit network with each half of the building having its own 1GBit uplink to the rest of campus. Hopefully that will make the heavy network users in that building next year very […]

SSC Network Upgrade

Yesterday we upgraded the network connection between SSC and the rest of campus from a 100Mbit connection to a 1Gbit connection. Hopefully anyone with a computer in SSC will notice a nice increase in network performance.

No Google for Paul

For some reason, Paul Hanson is still not having any luck with Google. Google has visited his site, but if you try to search for it, you can’t find it. And what is even funnier is that most of the time when you search for it, the best link is this site 🙂 Anyway, so […]

Server Room Upgrade

Well, we finally did it. It probably should have been done years ago, but we finally made the move. We installed 10 nice new 7′ x 19″ racks in the server room and last Thursday night we moved the remaining critical systems into those new racks. We started shutting everything down at about 5:00pm and […]