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Replaced Switch

One of our HP 4000 switches had a bad fan that needed to be replaced before the entire thing overheated and died. Here is what Joel had to say about it: Dan and I replaced a switch in the Jackson Campus Center this morning. This switch is used by the Food Service, Health Service, Book […]

Automatic Proxy Settings

We just figured out that somewhere along the line, we broke automatic proxy configuration stuff. To fix it there are a couple of things we can do. First we added this to our /etc/dhcpd.conf file: option WPAD code 252 = string; option WPAD “”; In our old config we had option option-252 “”; but that […]

Strange Network Traffic

For some reason, since around midnight last night, there was a ton of broadcast traffic on our res-hall network. Around 150KB/s in fact. It was enough that wireless in my office was mostly unusable. Using tethereal I could see almost all of the traffic was coming from 2 MAC addresses and it was broadcast ARP […]

Gig Network to Olin 3rd Floor

Over the summer we added Gigabit connections to each floor in Olin hall. Near the beginning of the school year, the connection stopped working for the 3rd floor. We found the problem and put the gig link back in place today. Things should be even faster to the 3rd floor now.

Webmail and IMAP proxy server

One of the 2 webmail servers imap proxy services stoped working around noon whatever day that was. I started the service again and now webmail should be back to normal. During that time, 50% of webmail users were not able to log in.

Network weirdness

Just after about 6pm tonight we experienced some network weirdness. I wish I could say I knew what happened and what fixed it, but I can’t. All I know is that people mentioned error messages about duplicate ip addresses on the network and I could see lots of broadcast traffic. Most likely caused by some […]

Keeping our Mac’s patched

In an effort to keep all the Apple OS X Mac’s on campus patched and running all the latest and greatest software, we had to come up with a good way to remotely manage them. Apple’s Remote Desktop app comes in very handy and helps, but we wanted a more scriptable way to do it […] dissappeared

For a little while this morning was unreachable. As a result people on and off campus were not able to access the Gustavus homepage ( possibly not receive email to addresses. email and websites were not having issues. The problem was fixed at about 9:30am this morning.