Status Update

Posted on March 17th, 2006 by

Wireless Updates: The big news this week has been wireless. Since the last update we have added wireless to Rundstrom and Norelius. From our stats, it looks like the students in Norelius are really making use of it. (110 devices in the past 24 hours) We also ordered another 60 access points due to arrive on Monday. Our plan is to get them out to the rest of the dorms as time permits. In Norelius and probably in other dorms, the access points have been placed in CF’s rooms.

Datatel Diskbox Update:
So far our testing of the Lefthand disk boxes has been a disappointment. Also their tech guy said it really can’t do what we were told it could do 🙁 We are still evaluating it to see if it will meet our lowered expectations and if that is good enough or not.

Mac Lab Computers:
This week there were numerous problems with the Mac’s in the labs. Most notably they could not open some word documents. We have pushed out a fix for that issue as of Thursday.

GReg Features:
As you may have noticed, there are some new features on the GReg admin interface. User info such as phone number and dorm room are now displayed as well as if that MAC address has been seen on a wireless access point or not.

Res-Hall Networking
: Due to the ever increasing number of computers connected to the res-hall network, the traffic on that subnet is getting to be overwhelming. That combined with increased wireless use is beginning to cause problems. Therefore this summer we feel we will have to start separating the dorms on various networks. This will cause issues such as iTunes libraries will not be available from one dorm to another. Anyway, we are just beginning to think about what we will need to do about this and plan to implement something over the summer.


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