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Moving Time

Ethan and I decided it was time for a change of scenery.  As a result, we have just finished moving from our old office (Olin 132) to our new office (Olin 122).  The new office has not been occupied since Kathy left a few months back.  It has a nice window and a little more […]

MS Word Vulnerability and Exploit

It looks like there is a newly discovered vulnerability in MS Word that is being exploited via email.  I have not yet seen any sign of this here, but no doubt we will see something soon enough. See the following articles for more information:,1895,1965042,00.asp

Gustavus WebMail Beta

There is a new version of Gustavus WebMail that is now available for testing.  If you use WebMail frequently, please give the new version a try at If you have any feedback about this new version of WebMail, please send it to As with many beta’s, access to this service may disappear at […]

More unexpected downtime

At about 2:00pm something happened on the network in the Art building such that by 4:00pm it caused major network issues and our core router was unable to handle the load. As a result all network traffic was unusable. At this time we have it narrowed down to 3 possible ports in the Art building. […]

Downtime – Dead UPS

At about 5:45pm today the UPS in the Carlson Admin building died. As a result all network access to datatel, the admin building, and the student center was down. At about 6:25pm Ethan and I routed the power around the UPS and directly to the wall which restored access. Webadvisor access was unavailable until I […]

Mailserver, Email, Quota and Archived Mail Issues

At about 3:20pm or so yesterday we had an issue with our mailserver.  This information from Tami should shed some light on what happened: Yesterday (May4th) a user on campus sent a very large (25 mb) email message to hundreds of users on campus. This message has caused multiple problems for you to be aware […]

Fedora Core 5 and Openldap

After many hours of trial and error, I was finally able to get openldap on FC5 working the way we need it to.  I noticed that there are a few differences in the way openldap works on FC5 when compared to the way things were on fc4. In the past when using fc4 the database […]

Spam Filtering

As of this week, all new accounts we create will have spam filtering enabled by default. Our default spam score threshold is 6.  Any email scoring higher than 6 will be automatically placed in a mailbox called Filtered_by_GAC. Filtering can be easily changed or disabled by using the email settings webpage.