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Posted on September 12th, 2006 by

As people have been moving in and registering their computers, I’ve been collecting some statistics. A week after move in things seem to be settling down. (Although we just added access to the 7th street houses, which house about 30 students total.)

Here are some of the more interesting stats:
Of the students living in the dorms, as of right now (7pm on 9-12-06):
93% of all 1st years, 94% of all 2nd years, 91% of all 3rd years, and 88% of all seniors years have registered at least one computer on the network.

I personally was surprised that the percent for upperclassmen was so high, because when they entered college the percentage was quite a bit lower. (Although our statistics weren’t as good back then.)

Other stats of interest:
The percentage of students with computers with at least one OSX computer is 17% for 1st years, 13% for 2nd years, 15% for 3rd years, and 12% for seniors.

There are also interesting patterns in whether students have registered a computer on the wireless and/or wired networks. A surprising number of students still haven’t bothered to register their wired ethernet card.

year (wired%/wireless%) 1st year (68%/77%) 2nd year (78%/69%) 3rd year (78%/56%) 4th year (77%/51%)

As you can see, there are still 49% of all freshmen who have registered their wireless card but not their wired card. The spread was even more drastic as students moved in.

If you’re curious about other statistics, feel free to comment on this post (or stop by) and ask!


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