2005 Graduates

Posted on October 3rd, 2006 by

This year we are doing a few extra things for our recent alumni. Since it has been well over 1 year since the class of 2005 graduated, it was time to deactivate those accounts and free up the resources they were using.

One new service we are offering this year is the ability to keep your account for a yearly fee of $25. That money goes twords expanding our email service to handle the additional load of servicing more email accounts. And it is not too late. Even though we would have prefered to have kept accounts active, for a while we can restore accounts from our backups after we receive the fee.

If you don’t need a full blown email account with webmail/IMAP/POP access, you can setup an email forward. Once the forward is setup, any email sent to your old Gustavus email account will be forwarded to some other address that you have specified. Well, except for spam. We try to do everything we can to not forward on spam.

The other service we just started offering today is the ability to download a zip file of your entire home directory and email inbox. As long as we have the space to keep these files, we will continute to provide access to them. This should be at least a year or more.

To access any of these services, 2005 alumni just need to go here: https://gts.gac.edu/gts/tools/



  1. Josh Whitver says:

    What about prior-year alumni? Who should we contact about setting up an email forward?

  2. Ethan Sommer says:

    This will be part of the new alumni site.

    If you have a need to have this earlier, please e-mail root@gac.edu