Network Infrastructure Upgrades

Posted on October 26th, 2006 by

Over the past couple of days we have increased the local network bandwidth available to some of the buildings on campus. By rearranging some of our network hardware and making use of previously dormant fiber links, we have made a few upgrades. Prairie View used to have a 100Mbit connection to the campus network which was upgraded to a 1Gbit connection. Uhler also had a 100Mbit connection that was upgraded to a 1Gbit connection. College View, which unfortunately is a long way from our network center in Olin hall, was at 100Mbit and is now at 200Mbit. A nice increase, but far below the 1Gbit connection we would like to have going there. These upgrades join the upgrade from 100Mbit to 1Gbit that we did a few weeks ago tp Pitman’s network connection.

Hopefully these upgrades will improve the overall performance of our local network and allow more advanced uses of that network in the near future.


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