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Corpse Flower Camera

Thanks to the hard work and dedication of many people here at Gustavus we now have a wolderful flowering Amorphophallus titanum also known as a Corpse Flower to Titan Arum. Thanks to this unique event we have been given an opportunity to put some of our “toys” to good use. This afternoon we added a […]

New Channels Added to GusTV

For everyone trying out the GusTV pilot, we now have two additional channels. Thanks to some new hardware we are able to add some more channels to the lineup. Starting today we have added PBS (TPT2) and my 29 (WFTC). We hope to bring some more channels to the list soon. Please do let us […]

Time Lapse Photography with an Axis 207MW

There are many ways to create time lapse photography these days. The following is just one way we are using Axis 207MW cameras on campus to create interesting videos. First we connect the camera to our ethernet or wireless network and mount it somewhere that it will not be likely to move. Once we have […]

Bittorrent From Only Internet2

As you may have noticed, our connection to the Ineternet is often quite busy. In addition to our connection to the “Commodity Internet,” Gustavus also has an extra fast connection to Internet2 which connects colleges, universities, and research institutions on a very fast network. While our Internet connection is very busy most of the time, […]