New Channels Added to GusTV Posted on April 30th, 2007 by

For everyone trying out the GusTV pilot, we now have two additional channels. Thanks to some new hardware we are able to add some more channels to the lineup. Starting today we have added PBS (TPT2) and my 29 (WFTC). We hope to bring some more channels to the list soon. Please do let us know how they work.



  1. Andrew Nelson says:

    This is awesome! although getting ESPN would make it so much better

  2. Ethan Sommer says:

    Adding ESPN (actually ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNNews, and ESPN Classic) to the current lineup would cost about $3200/month.

    As a point of comparison, it would cost less than that to have a 30 cable channel basic cable lineup (commedy central, CNN, TNT, MTV, TLC, etc) without ESPN. Adding ESPN would aprox double the cost of doing “cable” channels.

  3. Wittchow says:

    When did this go live?

  4. Ethan Sommer says:

    Beginning of May.