GusTV Update Posted on September 17th, 2007 by

As you may have noticed, there were a couple of channels on GusTV that did not have any guide information. Well this afternoon we resolved the issues we were having with the guide information for those channels. Now you can view the upcoming schedule for Fox Mankato ( KEYC-FO ) and see where it differs from the Fox Twin Cities ( KMSP ). We also fixed the PBS stations so you can now tell what is playing on TPT HD and TPT 2D.

Finally, we have discovered that it is possible to record IPTV streams using MythTv. So if you happen to have a MythTv box setup in your dorm, with a little bit of setup you can record GusTV and other internet 2 streams. I’ll try to put together another post with more details on exactly how to do that.


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