Reminder from GTS: Never send your password via email

Posted on October 28th, 2008 by

Gustavus Technology Services would like to remind you that passwords should NEVER be sent via email.  GTS will never need to ask you to email us your password.

In recent weeks more and more people have replied to phishing attempts with their Gustavus password.  These phishing attempts are sometimes very authentic looking email messages that ask you to reply with your password and other information.  What happens if you do respond to a phishing email with your password?  Chances are your account will be used to send out spam, viruses, and more phishing email.  In some cases your account will also be modified so that all email you send has spam attached to it.

A single compromised account can expose the entire community to problems. If your account is used to conduct inappropriate or illegal activities, other e-mail providers may be forced to block *all* e-mail from Gustavus. This can and has caused major difficulties for the College, so please, no matter how convincing the message sounds, never send your password via email.

Dan Oachs
Gustavus Technology Services


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