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More phishing attempts this weekend

As many of you noticed, there was another batch of phishing email sent to Gustavus email accounts over the weekend.  Thank you to all of you who forwarded us the email.  Your quick response allowed us to block any replies to those messages and keep the users who fell for it from divulging their passwords. […]

Mailserver Issues Last Night

Yesterday at about 5:00pm an email was sent to all students with a very large email attachment.  As a result of that email some of our mailservers ran out of disk space causing users to see a variety of issues with their email. Thursday morning we were able to free up some disk space and […]

Campus Energy Contest

In case you have not heard, our campus is competing in the National Campus Energy Challenge.  In addition we are also holding our own local competition between the various buildings on campus.  Here are contest details: 1. Entry categories. There are two entry categories in the contest: 1) residence halls and 2) academic/administration buildings. For […]

2008 Campus Energy Challenge Kickoff Tomorrow

Starting at 12:30pm tomorrow, January 31, we will be promoting the 2008 campus energy challenge in the campus center. There will be posters, a slide show, energy bikes, free CFLs and more. So if you are interested in helping the campus compete in this national competition, please stop by and show your support. We are […]

More spam than usual

I noticed that I was getting much more spam in my inbox in the past day so I looked into it a little further.  It turns out that one of our 4 spamassassin servers was stuck and not filtering email.  As a result many messages were not being checked for spam.  Hence the increased spam […]

Phishing email sent to Gustavus accounts yesterday

Last night a large batch of phishing email was sent from “Gac Team” to many Gustavus email addresses. The message looked like this: VERIFY YOUR GAC EMAIL ACCOUNT NOW Dear Gac Email Account Owner, This message is from Gac messaging center to all Gac email account owners. We are currently upgrading our data base […]

Internet outage this afternoon

For about 20 minutes this afternoon starting sometime after 1:00pm most of the internet was inaccessible.  As far as I can tell the problem was not with us or our internet connection but was most likely somewhere a little bit farther up stream.  My traceroutes were showing lots of issues past our ISP but possibly […]

Wireless added to Fine Arts Music

A new wireless access point was added in the basement of the music building to help give coverage to the areas near the Bjorling concert hall.  My initial test show that this one access point covers the hallway from the south end of the Bjorling concert hall all the way to the middle of the […]

Homepages webserver upgraded

As of about 3:00pm this afternoon I have moved to a new server.  The old server was running on Fedora Core release 4 with PHP 5.0.4.  The new server is based on CentOS 5 and PHP 5.1.6. Hopefully this will not introduce any unforeseen  issues with users homepages, but if it does, please let […]