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Posted on January 16th, 2012 by

On Wednesday January 18th we will be officially launching a new version of Gustauvs Webmail.

For many years, we have been using a webmail product named Horde. This is just an upgrade to the newest version. The new version includes many improvements and security updates.

The biggest improvement in the new version is that the Dynamic View has gotten good enough to be the default. Horde has several ways to view your mail. The most common are the “Traditional View” and the “Dynamic View.”

The Dynamic View uses new web technologies to act more like a desktop mail client such as Thunderbird or Apple Mail. It looks like:

You can also still use the Traditional View which looks like:

If you would like to try the new version before Wednesday, you can access it at:

If, after the change you need to access the old version for any reason, it will be available for a limited time at

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to e-mail



  1. Mary Gaebler says:


    The page forward (and back) feature on the old system seems to be missing here. Scrolling down takes too long to go back and check previous emails. Is there a paging feature that I’m missing?


    PS What’s a “Gravatar;” and what is “the default avatar?”

    • Ethan Sommer says:

      You may prefer using the “Traditional View.”

      You can try using the traditional view by going to and selecting “Traditional” from the drop down menu that says “Automatic.”

      If you would like to always use that view you change that preference by:

      a. log in
      b. go to Preferences
      c. go to Dynamic View (bottom right corner of the page)
      d. uncheck the box and hit save

    • Joe Lencioni says:

      A Gravatar is a special kind of avatar (or profile picture) that can be used by any website where you interact. We use Gravatars on the Gustavus blogs next to your name when you comment. For example, this is Ethan’s Gravatar.

      The “default avatar” on our website is the little gray box with the person icon in it (which currently appears next to your name).

      More information about Gravatar can be found at

      To set up your Gravatar, go to