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Posted on January 23rd, 2013 by

Since this is my first post I should probably introduce myself.  I’m a 2003 Gustavus graduate, I operated a computer consulting business in the area before joining the GTS team in December.   I enjoy mountain biking and all things technology.  Hopefully I’ll assist with updating this blog a little more regularly and will try to keep everyone updated on changes to the Gustavus network.

We’ve  created a beta webmail server with the latest release of Horde (the webmail system that we’ve used for years).   It’s a major upgrade, so we want to use this test environment before pushing it out to the production servers.  You can access the beta at the link below.


There are several view options available at the login screen.  Automatic is the default and in most browsers it will load the Dynamic view.  The Mobile smartphone view is a nice option for people who may want to check their email on tablet’s or phones that they do not own.  Currently there is a bug in IE 10 (for you windows 8 users), that will require you to use the Basic mode.  The only current fix requires major code changes or settings on client computers, so check it out in Chrome or Firefox if you use Windows 8.

Dan, has created a nice Gustavus theme that will load by default.  For now there are only a few other color options available in Global Preferences|Display Preferences.

I’ll update this post as we finalize the roll out date, but your feedback is much appreciated!  Please comment below, or email noc@gac.edu


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