Are you on the fence about migrating to GusMail?

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GusMail (G Suite for Education Email or GMail) usage at Gustavus continues to grow. 96% of Gustavus students are using GusMail for their email and more employees are moving each day. If you are you still on the fence about migrating to GusMail, here are a few questions to consider.

Are you out of space and need to keep all those email messages for a research project? GusMail has you covered with unlimited space.
Are you having trouble finding a message in Thunderbird or webmail that a student sent years ago? GusMail has your back with access to Google’s powerful search algorithms to easily and quickly find any messages hidden deep within your email.
Do you want to create a Google calendar event directly from an email message? GusMail has an option to do that.
Are you worried about malicious users accessing your account? GusMail adds an additional layer of security to help protect against this with DUO two-factor authentication.
Do you find webmail and Thunderbird to be slow, clunky and dated? GusMail offers Google’s quick, modern and full featured GMail web interface across all your devices.
Are you tired of reconfiguring an email client? With GusMail, you no longer need to work through a 3rd party email client like Thunderbird or MacMail. Simply log in to GMail’s web interface to access your email across all your devices. On your phone, the GMail app just requires your login credentials.

Enjoy a better collaboration experience with your students and Google’s suite of apps by migrating to GusMail. Visit the link below to learn more about migrating to GusMail.

If you have any questions about migration, please contact the Technology Helpline or read the GusMail FAQ (

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