Campus Internet Connection Bandwidth Increase Posted on February 6th, 2019 by

Due to the ever increasing demand for internet bandwidth it was once again time for GTS to upgrade our internet connection before spring semester kicks off.  For the past few years the campus has had 2Gbit/s of bandwidth to the internet and 1Gbit/s to Internet2.  While this was a huge amount of capacity a few years ago, we were occasionally bumping into the limits of our connection by the end of fall semester in December 2018.

As of the first week in February 2019 the campus now has 5Gbit/s of bandwidth to the internet and 2Gbit/s to Internet2 which gives us the potential to use up to 7Gbit/s at any one time.  More than doubling our previous connection. Anyone who is curious about our internet connection and wondering how much bandwidth we are using at any point can check out our network graphs over at



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