Can you tell from this graph when the Call of Duty update was released? Posted on February 12th, 2020 by

Graph showing the difference between internet usage yesterday and today.

Gustavus Internet Bandwidth Graph

Apparently there are quite a few Call of Duty players on campus.

The graph over to the right shows the internet bandwidth usage of the college over the past 24 hours.  The thin dark blue line is the data we downloaded the previous day.

The video game “Call of Duty” released a rather large update to the game on Tuesday around noon our time.  As you can see on the graph it didn’t take long for us to break a new downloading record.  That increased traffic persisted well into the evening, and even now nearly 20 hours later, we are still using more bandwidth than usual.

Even though the game’s update was 50GB-90GB depending on the platform, it appears as though our internet connection was able to handle the huge increase in demand quite well and I hope everyone was able to get their update downloaded and installed quickly.

I would be curious to hear from students about this update.  Did the update download quickly for you?  Did the internet connection in your dorm perform as you would have expected for downloading this update?  Did anyone notice any other internet slowdowns related to this increase in demand?



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