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Wireless Internet demand in unexpected places met

We have a goal of covering every building on campus with wireless network access. We aren’t quite there yet and we occasionally get requests for wireless access points to cover parts of campus that we haven’t covered yet. Sometimes those requests are for places we never would have thought of as “places someone would want […]

Wireless Improvements to Come

We have discovered that during peek usage times, our wireless network is too big. We just have too many users on one network. We split out the wireless in the library into its own network named “GACLibrary” and it seems to have made a huge difference. In addition, our current system of dealing with guests […]

Single Sign On Launched for Google Calendar

In order to improve security and our users’ experience, we have begun to implement a Single Sign On system. With this system, you can log in once and gain access to several of our services without having to log in again. Right now, if you go to you will be prompted with a log […]

Google Calendar up and running

In response to requests for a campus wide calendaring system, GTS has implemented Google Calendar for Gustavus. If you go to you can log in with your Gustavus username and password and take a look. If you are a Faculty member or Student, all your fall term courses have been pre-populated. That has two […]

New Webmail Beta!

Almost all Gustavus students seem to use webmail as their primary e-mail client. We have, therefore, made finding a new better webmail client a very high priority. Our goal was to find a webmail program which was easier and more efficient to use — something we could envision using as our only e-mail client. We […]

Bittorrent From Only Internet2

As you may have noticed, our connection to the Ineternet is often quite busy. In addition to our connection to the “Commodity Internet,” Gustavus also has an extra fast connection to Internet2 which connects colleges, universities, and research institutions on a very fast network. While our Internet connection is very busy most of the time, […]

Where does our mail come from?

According to our mail server logs, not surprisingly, almost exactly half of the mail Gustavus mail users receive is from other people at Gustavus. What may surprise some is that Facebook accounts for about 34% of the mail we receive. Here’s a graph from yesterday, which is pretty typical for a weekday. By gathering and […]

Wireless Status Page

Did you know that there is a web site to check whether your GACwirless access point is working? You can go to to see a list of most of Gustavus’ wireless access points and their status. This year about 70% of students on Gustavus’ network have made use of the wireless network. In fact, […]

Network Upgrade Details

Tonight’s upgrade went about how we expected, not quite as quick as well as we hoped, but about what we expected. It took almost exactly 30 minutes. In case you are wondering what we did (I’m sure you’re all glued to your seats) here’s a basic overview. Gustavus’ network has one central routing switch which […]

Who are the people on your network

As people have been moving in and registering their computers, I’ve been collecting some statistics. A week after move in things seem to be settling down. (Although we just added access to the 7th street houses, which house about 30 students total.) Here are some of the more interesting stats: Of the students living in […]