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WiFi Upgrades in the Library

We know that one of the busiest times of the year for the library is coming up soon and in preparation for that we have completed an upgrade of the library’s WiFi network. Not only did we swap out the older access points for the latest model but we also added seven additional access points […]

Wireless Upgrades to Confer / Vickner Hall

The WiFi network in Confer / Vickner Hall has received a significant upgrade as part of our ongoing project to improve the WiFi network in the academic buildings on campus.  Last year the building had 13 aging WiFi access points.  This summer we replaced those access points with 22 of the latest generation WiFi access […]

Outdoor WiFi added to Johns Family Courtyard

A common request we receive at GTS is to expand the WiFi coverage in the outdoor spaces on campus.  As part of an effort to improve the WiFi all around Gustavus, we have installed a new outdoor WiFi access point on the wall between the Courtyard Cafe and the Johns Family Courtyard.  So this fall […]

WiFi Network Updates

Since the beginning of spring semester GTS has received a number of complaints about how the wireless/wifi network has been extra slow for them.  Many people mentioned that it was working fine last fall but that this spring it was significantly slower or basically not working for them at all, especially in the evenings. Between […]

Gustavus WiFi network downtime Monday April 2nd

Starting on Monday morning, April 2nd 2012,  GTS will be upgrading the system in charge of the majority of the wireless (WiFi) network on campus.  For short periods of time the wireless network will be unavailable.  Anyone who needs to maintain a solid network connection during this time is encouraged to plug in with an […]

New faster wireless in some buildings on campus

Over the summer, Gustavus Technology Services’ Core Services staff installed new wireless access points in several buildings on campus. The new access points should be faster and be able to scale better to handle more computers using our wireless system. The new access points have been installed in: The Library Old Main Nobel Hall Carlson […]

Wireless Internet demand in unexpected places met

We have a goal of covering every building on campus with wireless network access. We aren’t quite there yet and we occasionally get requests for wireless access points to cover parts of campus that we haven’t covered yet. Sometimes those requests are for places we never would have thought of as “places someone would want […]

Wireless Improvements to Come

We have discovered that during peek usage times, our wireless network is too big. We just have too many users on one network. We split out the wireless in the library into its own network named “GACLibrary” and it seems to have made a huge difference. In addition, our current system of dealing with guests […]

Wireless added to Fine Arts Music

A new wireless access point was added in the basement of the music building to help give coverage to the areas near the Bjorling concert hall.  My initial test show that this one access point covers the hallway from the south end of the Bjorling concert hall all the way to the middle of the […]

Better GACWireless for Uhler Hall

This summer the network in Uhler Hall was upgraded with all new wires. As part of the update, many more jacks were installed. Each suite should now have at least one jack per person living there. Some of the other jacks that were installed are now connected to new wireless access points. Last year Uhler […]