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Network Upgrades

Over the past couple of weeks, we have made some improvements to the campus computer network. The most noticeable of these will be for the residents of Pittman. Four more Wi-Fi access points were installed to help improve the wireless coverage in that dorm. Less noticeable changes were made to the wired network in Complex. […]

Wireless Status Page

Did you know that there is a web site to check whether your GACwirless access point is working? You can go to http://stats.it.gac.edu/wireless-watch/status.php to see a list of most of Gustavus’ wireless access points and their status. This year about 70% of students on Gustavus’ network have made use of the wireless network. In fact, […]

Who are the people on your network

As people have been moving in and registering their computers, I’ve been collecting some statistics. A week after move in things seem to be settling down. (Although we just added access to the 7th street houses, which house about 30 students total.) Here are some of the more interesting stats: Of the students living in […]