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Opening day at the new stadium

This past Saturday I spent the day at the new football stadium here at Gustavus Adolphus College. I started the day by placing a webcam in the home team’s radio booth to capture images for the Gustavus website as well as to create a time lapse video of the day. We also used that camera […]

Demolition of the old stadium

On the morning of August 14th crews started the process of tearing down the old football stadium at Gustavus Adolphus College. Shortly after 2:00pm the last column was knocked down and the sorting of the rubble began. If you would like to watch the whole event as captured by our two HD webcams, click on […]

New Stadium Turf Install Video

Over the past week or so the turf installers have been busy installing the new “grass” in the stadium. They are not done yet. The yard markers and some of he edges are not finished yet and I think they still need to fill it in with “dirt”. I put together a time lapse video […]

New Stadium Update

As you can see from the Stadium Webcams, the new turf is being installed this week. Hopefully this will make a good time lapse video. Speaking of time lapse videos, I have a few more of them to share. They are fairly large so unless you have a fast internet connection they may take a […]

Visitor Stands on the Move

The new stadium has really been taking shape the past couple of weeks. Just a few days ago they moved the visitor stands from the old field location to the their home as part new stadium. We captured some images of the move and put together a couple of time lapse videos. This video is […]