Visitor Stands on the Move

Posted on July 20th, 2007 by

Rebuilding the visitor standsVisitor Stands Dismantled

The new stadium has really been taking shape the past couple of weeks. Just a few days ago they moved the visitor stands from the old field location to the their home as part new stadium. We captured some images of the move and put together a couple of time lapse videos.

This video is of the visitor stands being taken down from their old location.
Removing-Stands.mp4 ( 152MB )

This video is of the visitors stands being reconstructed in their new location.
Rebuilding-Stands.mp4 ( 57M )

Since the main webcam for the stadium construction is now mostly just showing the back side of the visitor stands we have begun looking into other locations for a camera so that everyone can keep following the progress. While we don’t yet have a good location for a new camera, the web team put together a page where you can view 3 of our other webcams. You can see the new stadium in at least one of the cameras off in the distance.


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