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Jabber Server Upgrade

Yesterday I upgraded our Jabber server from Wildfire 3.0 to Wildfire 3.1.0 beta. With the new beta comes the ability to install the IM Gateway plugin. This plugin allows you to use our jabber server to contact users on AIM, ICQ, IRC, MSN, and Yahoo networks. Since this is a beta, there are some bugs […]

Wireless Status Page

Did you know that there is a web site to check whether your GACwirless access point is working? You can go to to see a list of most of Gustavus’ wireless access points and their status. This year about 70% of students on Gustavus’ network have made use of the wireless network. In fact, […]

Network Upgrade Details

Tonight’s upgrade went about how we expected, not quite as quick as well as we hoped, but about what we expected. It took almost exactly 30 minutes. In case you are wondering what we did (I’m sure you’re all glued to your seats) here’s a basic overview. Gustavus’ network has one central routing switch which […]

Mozilla Releases Firefox

Today Mozilla has released Firefox There are some important security updates in this release so I encourage everyone who uses it to update soon. Also having the auto update feature turned on can be a very easy way to keep your self up to date.

Mozilla releases Thunderbird

Today Mozilla has released Thunderbird There are some important security updates in this release so I encourage everyone who uses it to update soon. Hopefully you have the auto update feature turned on and you have installed the most recent version before you even read this post.

Gustavus Homepage Issues

At about 4:00am Thursday September 14th, the SQL server that powers stopped working. It looks like it tried to reboot and then got stuck. Just before 8:00am today I hit the reset button and it came back up. Thus was unavailable during that time. Jeremy, please come back soon. Your server misses you!

Who are the people on your network

As people have been moving in and registering their computers, I’ve been collecting some statistics. A week after move in things seem to be settling down. (Although we just added access to the 7th street houses, which house about 30 students total.) Here are some of the more interesting stats: Of the students living in […]

Monday Night Networking Troubles

Last night the Helpline caught me on IM and let me know that the res-hall network was not exactly running smoothly. According to the reports, users plugged in in many dorms as well as via wireless were having trouble raching email, the internet, or the Gustavus home page. However the lab computers in the dorms […]

A bit of wireless detective work

Yesterday during chapel I went over to Old Main in order to reboot an access point which wasn’t checking in. I got there, looked where the access point was supposed to be and saw two holes in the wall. I went back to my office and used some tools I created over the summer (I’ll […]

Gustavus Network Speeds

I have had a couple of people ask me today, “How fast is our internet connection?” The quick answer to that is 30Mbit I1 and 45Mbit I2. What that means is that we have a 30Mbit connection to the “internet”. We also have an additional 45Mbit connection to Internet2. Internet2 is a research network mainly […]