Internet Connection Down ( Wed. Night ) [ update ]

Posted on November 12th, 2008 by

The internet connection for the campus is currently down ( 7:00pm Wednesday Nov, 12). It appears to be a problem with our upstream provider. We are working with them now to try and fix whatever is causing the problem. I will try to report back here when I learn more.

[UPDATE Thursday Morning] By 1:00am Thursday morning the fiber cut had been repaired and our internet connection restored to its normal state.

[UPDATE 11:15pm] At about 11:00pm a temporary alternate route was put in place. ( Thanks HickoryTech! ) It might be somewhat slower than our normal connection, but it is much better than nothing. Once the fiber cut is repaired, our connection will go down again for a short time as we are switched back to our regular route.

[UPDATE 7:30pm] Well, that was quick. As soon as I finished that post I learned that there fiber cut incident. It was cut some where between St. Peter and Le Seuer. No estimate on when it will be fixed yet.



  1. cruegg says:

    Oh wow I hope the fiber cut wasn’t intentional, that would be unfortunate…

  2. Chris Duhaime says:

    It is back up.