Single Sign On (SSO) for Google Calendar and Moodle Posted on June 18th, 2009 by

As of this morning, if you log in to Google Calendar you will also be logged into Moodle and vice versa.
This should allow for easy integration between Google Apps and Moodle Courses.

For example, the Google Calendar events we populate for student’s schedules can have a link to the Moodle course in them, and if a student clicks on the link they will go directly to the course without needing to reauthenticate. A professor could create a google doc spreadsheet for students to enter their lab results into and then embed it or link to it in their moodle course and the user experience would be seamless.

Currently, the Single Sign On system is used by Google Calendar, Moodle, the GTS Tools Page, and Media Services.

Moving forward, we hope to include more of Gustavus’ web resources into our Single Sign On solution so that we can easily customize content without constantly asking for people’s passwords.

Do you have an idea of a Gustavus service you’d like to be included? Post it in the comments or e-mail



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    Gribly search

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