Phishing victim prevents Gustavus from sending to hotmail

Posted on September 16th, 2009 by

Recently one of our users gave their password to someone else either by e-mail or by following a link to a non gustavus site.

As a result, Hotmail and are both blocking mail from Gustavus.

Unfortunately , Microsoft does not give us any ability to lift the ban and we have to wait for them to do it automatically.

I thought that this would be a good “teachable incident.” Please do not EVER reply to an e-mail with your Gustavus password or put your Gustavus password into a web site that does not end in or Doing so can impact everyone at Gustavus. As a result of this incident, people can’t send e-mails to potential employers, friends, or grandmothers who use hotmail or

Gustavus will never ask for your password by e-mail, and there are no web sites that work with your Gustavus password that don’t end in or

If you ever have a question about whether a e-mail or web site is legitimate PLEASE call the technology helpline at x6111 or e-mail before you give them your password.


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