2010 Commencement Time-Lapse and GigaPan Image

Posted on June 2nd, 2010 by

For the commencement ceremony this year we tested out a new Axis camera to make the time-lapse video. This camera is capable of recording/streaming video at 3MP resolution which allowed me to create this time-lapse video at slightly better than 1080p resolution. Unfortunately there was a bit of glare on the stadium window I was shooting through and the HD makes it all that more apparent. Something to improve upon for next year.

In addition to the time-lapse video, I also used a GigaPan EPIC 100 to shoot 342 12 Megapixel images and stitched them together to create a fun 3.3 gigapixel GigaPan image.
Explore the GigaPan image and other images of Gustavus on our GigaPan website.


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  1. ricardo says:

    I’m surprised to see people still using the gigapan viewer for these big images. The Photosynth viewer is sooo much better, Photosynth offers free storage, and has a really good stitcher.

    check out some examples here: http://photosynth.net/explore.aspx?filter=NiceAndSynthy&time=AllTime&type=Panorama

    info on how to stitch here: http://thepanoramablog.blogspot.com/2010/04/microsoft-ice-gigapixel-robots-and.html