Internet Bandwidth Increase

Posted on December 17th, 2010 by

Up until Wednesday morning the entire campus shared our 200Mbit/s internet connection. At around 10am we switched to a new provider ( Global Crossing ) and with that change came a 50Mbit/s bandwidth increase which puts us at 250Mbit/s. For anyone who is curious about our current bandwidth usage, you can check out our graphs any time.

An added bonus of switching providers is that we are now a little bit closer to the internet backbone and as such some of our latency has been reduced. You can see the result of that in ping times. Pings to some parts of the internet have been reduced. If you play fast paced games you will be happy to hear that.



  1. Tom Lany says:

    This is really exciting! I have noticed a bit of a speed increase since things were switched over, and ping times to Chicago are amazing. Thanks for making the move!

    Out of curiosity, will this change the way we receive Internet 2 or IPv6?

  2. Dan Oachs says:

    No, this change does not affect our intenet2 or IPv6 connection in any noticeable way. Technically they both share the same 1gig backbone connection between us and Minneapolis and the more we use of the internet1 connection, the less we have available for internet2, however since we never come close to using 1gig the end result is that this change will not affect our internet2 connection.