2010 Graduate Accounts Expiring in August

Posted on June 23rd, 2011 by

Earlier today GTS sent out an email to all of the students who graduated in 2010 to inform them that their accounts would be expiring on August 10th, 2011.

Here is what that message looked like:

    Your Gustavus account (email and home directory access) is set to expire on Wednesday, August 10th, 2011. 

    If you would like your Gustavus email to be forwarded to a non-Gustavus account such as Gmail, you can set that up on our Email Forwarding Website. To configure that, go to gustavus.edu and log in by clicking on the Log In button in the upper right hand corner. Then click on your name when it appears next to that button. From here you can click on the Forwarding link on the left side of the page. Your email will continue to forward even after your account expires and you will continue to have the ability to change the forward.

    Gustavus Technology Services would also like to announce that you can join a pilot program where by your email account will be extended until August 10th 2012 for a fee of $25. If the pilot program is a success, we will continue offering alumni the ability to extend their account for an annual fee.

    If you are interested in joining this pilot program, please visit https://gts.gac.edu/gts/tools/alumni/extendemail.php and login with your Gustavus e-mail username and password.

    If you would like to access the files in your account, you can download them via the Gustavus Webmail system. Your files can be found by clicking on “My Account” and then on “File Manager”. You will no longer have access to these files once your account has expired.

    If you need assistance downloading your files or setting up an email forward, please contact the Gustavus Technology Helpline by phone at 1-507-933-6111 or by email at helpline@gustavus.edu.

    If you feel this is an error, or if you have an academic need to retain this account beyond August 10th, 2011, please send email to: root@gustavus.edu.

    Thank You.

    Gustavus Technology Services


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